Thursday, January 17, 2019

Daily Agenda: Monday, January 14-Thursday, January 17

Generate questions with your discussion partner for Wednesday's fishbowl discussion on Chapters 24+25.  Vote.

Read chapters 24+25.

Fishbowl discussion on Chapters 24+25. 

Complete research log steps 2+3.  The research log is here.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Daily Agenda: Wednesday, January 2 - Thursday, January 10

January 2 and 3
Welcome back --

In addition to discussing Chapters 12+13/14-15 of The Kite Runner on January 2 and 3, we also took note of a number of grades added to PowerSchool.  If you have questions, please ask me.

January 4
Today's research lesson is here, along with the assigned essay on The Kite Runner.

January 7-9
We discussed on Chapters 16-21.

January 10
We began the Research Log process and completed Step 1, Brainstorming Topics, by reading, considering, and writing down relevant and insightful Topics in Literature, due by the end of class with a list of ideas that call your name.  Star the two or three topics which most call your name.

If you were absent today, please see Ms. Hodgens to make up this lesson.

The final draft of the essay will be due at the beginning of third quarter. 

January 11
We discussed chapters 24+25.

Daily Agenda: Tuesday, December 11-Thursday, December 20

We are reading The Kite Runner, and students are discussion leaders in pairs throughout our study of this novel. The discussion leader assignment, rubric, and schedule are published offline. Each student is responsible for opinionated, deep thinking and analysis in the class discussions, and a score is given for each day.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Daily Agenda: Monday, December 10

After turning in the Othello project, we learned and viewed some project.  Good work!

A couple of housekeeping items: turn in Othello copies, receive the Kite Runner and an Ooops/Aaaah waivers, and begin reading The Kite Runner.  Chapters 1-2 are due tomorrow - it is 11 pages.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Daily Agenda: Monday, December 3 - Friday, December 7

Motif presentations took place on Monday and Tuesday.

We will also be doing a final, creative project on Othello; class is dedicated to planning and executing these projects on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  The assignment is here and the due date is  Monday, March 10. 

There are four project options, and the rubrics are here for each one:
character therapy sessions;
mental health assessment; and
missing scene

Also, the mental health assessment template are available in class.

E-mail Ms. Hodgens if you have any questions and you will receive a response.  The projects are due on Monday.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Daily Agenda: Monday, November 26 - Friday, November 30

The Thanksgiving thank-you note assignment is here.  It is due at the beginning of class tomorrow if you did not turn it in today.

We read most of Act V today.  While reading aloud, we wrote questions, ideas, and quotes of significance in the reading log.  The notes from class today are here.
The homework assignment for tonight is here.

We read most of Act V Scene ii today.  The notes are here.  There isn't homework tonight.

We finished reading Othello today, and concluded with a free-write.  After sharing a partner's favorite sentence and tying to other related books, we wrote about each character's fate and then uploaded the reading log to Google classroom.
HW: Motif presentations on Acts III-V are due on Monday and Tuesday.

Class time today was dedicated to the motif presentations, which are due on Monday and Tuesday.  Please consider using your excellent ideas from the returned quiz in the presentations.  Animals, Hands, and Nature groups are presenting on Monday; Hearts and Blood groups are presenting on Tuesday.  The rubric is here.  Each student will fill out a Group Evaluation Form.

We will also be doing a final, creative project on Othello.  The assignment is here and the due date is Monday, March 10.  There are four project options, and the rubrics are here for each one: film, character therapy sessions, mental health assessment, and missing scene. Class time will be given next Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to work on the project.
HW: Motif presentations on Acts III-V are due on Monday and Tuesday.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Daily Agenda: Monday, November 19 & Tuesday, November 20

Monday, November 19
Due at beginning of class: Answers to Act IV Scene 1 questions in the Reading Log.

HW Eng: As you read Act IV Scene ii today and tonight for homework, type Othello's insults to Desdemona into the Reading Log.  Each time you see one of the quotes, briefly log in a sentence or two on what is happening -- why does Othello say these cruel words in the context of each insult?

Tuesday, November 20
Due at beginning of class: Answers to Act IV Scene ii reading log on context of Othello's insults to Desdemona.

Each motif group received back some feedback on the google doc uploaded to Google classroom on November 8.

We read Act IV Scene iii, the Willow Scene, in which Desdemona and Emilia lament their confined degree of power.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Daily Agenda: Thursday, November 15 & Friday, November 16

It's back -- Iago's beastiary becomes Othello's new language in Act III Scenes iii and iv, and we wrapped up our reading of Act III by analyzing the animals, birds, insects, and other creatures mentioned in their discourse on Desdemona.

HW Eng: Read Act IV Scene 1 for Friday.

As an opener, we took a look at the vast and profound mental change Othello undergoes in the play by registering his changing perception of Desdemona.

Next, we returned to the reading log while discussing drawing conclusions about Act III.  Some fantastic themes and meanings were derived from this conversation, including the ideas that Desdemona should be less trusting because of her unique status and that Othello should keep a team of rivals rather than rely solely on Iago.  Answers to each of these Act III questions are now in the reading log based on our class notes.

HW Eng: We started the homework due at the beginning of class on Monday, which is to answer all of these questions thoroughly, using complete sentences, on Act IV Scene i.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Daily Agenda: Tuesday, November 13

Our opening activity followed up on your good questions on Friday, about ways to interpret and understand connotation.  Each motif group chose one of the connotation activities on this handout and presented interpretations to the class.  If you were absent, please complete one of the four activities and show it to Ms. H. on Thursday.

Next, we reviewed Act III Scene iii by answering the first page and a half or so of these study guide questions

HW Eng (due Wednesday): Finish reading Act III Scene iii and answer the study guide questions on that scene. We got started on this assignment during long block.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Daily Agenda: Monday, November 5 - Friday, November 9

Today we read and spoke about experiences that have meant a lot to us since school started.  We focused our attention on an upcoming assignment, a Thanksgiving thank-you note to an educator in HPS to whom you want to express gratitude.  We brainstormed educators' names and took some time to start a loose rough draft.

We also talked about core characteristics for finishing up Bromfield strong: be gracious, be responsible, be a problem-solver, be of service, be respectful, be patient, be kind and understanding, be a team player.  Touching base on the motif projects, some thoughts on how to make the next motif project even more streamlined included the following: over-communicate with your teammates and clearly define roles each person will play.

The hard copy of the hearts' group quote handout was passed out.

Next, we began Act III Scene 3 performance rehearsals, and we will perform on Wednesday.

If you were absent, print out a hard copy of this initial document which was passed out, e-mail Ms. Hodgens to claim one of the four scenes and get a partner set up, plan your scene, and also print out this second document, here, to guide your rehearsal process and planning.

HW Eng due Wednesday: We will perform each scene on Wednesday, so you will need to read and practice and rehearse your scene.  Review your roles with your partner and fill out the performance checklist, linked here.

After listening to Act III Scene 3 through line 134, the chaos scene, we rehearsed and then performed four dialogues for a total of nine performances.  The prep worksheet was graded and pass back.

HW Eng: Read thorugh III.iii.285, reading for your motif and writing cited examples in the reading log.

Working with partners for the motif presentations, and using the homework reading log notes, each group uploaded a quotes handout for the Acts III-V presentation to Google classroom.  We read aloud the green-eyed monster metaphor for jealousy and read Iago's warning that Desdemona could betray Othello as she did Brabantio.  Othello wonders why he ever married!

HW Eng: For Friday's class, read through III.iii.435 and expect a reading quiz at the beginning of class on a detailed example of your motif in tonight's reading.

We had a close reading quiz on your motif and on last night's reading, written in class.  Have a great long weekend - no homework.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Daily Agenda: Friday, November 2

What is an experience that has really meant a lot to you in September and October?  Freewrite.

Begin a log for Act III as you enter class today.  Make a copy of this doc and save it in your World Lit folder.

We will listen to Act III Scenes 1 and 2, along with the beginning of Scene 3.

HW Eng: Read through III.3.134 for Monday to prepare for watching each performance

Monday, October 29, 2018

Daily Agenda: Monday, October 29 - Thursday, November 1

This week's motif presentations are on Wednesday and Thursday.  The rubric for the motif tracing presentation is here.  On Monday in the classroom and Tuesday in the library, prep time for the motif presentation included reading through the rubric with your group to make sure you can nail down each component together.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Daily Agenda: Monday, October 22 - Friday, October 26

Today's reading of Act II Scene 1 brought us up to the point of Othello's arrival on Cyprus.  Our ten point reading/writing/rehearsing assignment is here.  Please see Ms. Hodgens if you were not in class to complete the assignment with a close reading approach.

Tuesday and Wednesday
Tuesday's overview of the lesson is here.
Wednesday's overview of the lesson is here.

HW Eng: Work on the motif tracing presentation by adding to your examples of motifs using the setup outlined on the assignment or by working with your group on initial thoughts on how you will structure your 15 minute lesson.

Today's focus was on tracing your group's motif by reading Act II Scenes 2 (short) and 3 (much longer).  The overview of the activity is here.
HW Eng: Finish reading Act II Scenes 2 and 3; continue working on the motif tracing assignment.

Demo lesson day -- a theme (on manipulation), a motif (ceremony), a handout (found here), an a ten minute activity on a component of Act II Scene 3 were the brunt of today's lesson.  Each student wrote the activity notes on the handout and passed it in with a declaration of the motif group presentation.  If you want to use the BBC film which we watched in class today as part of your presentation, let me know, and we can do that.
HW Eng: Dramaturgy presentations for 3 groups are on Monday; work on the motif presentations for next Wednesday and Thursday.